Objective: Assist the Mafia by killing the Citizens.


The Beast Man is an assistant member of the Mafia Team, with the ability to eliminate other players in the absence of the Mafiosos. Unlike other Mafia assistant roles, the Beast Man can only use this key ability after he has a rendezvous with the Mafia. The Beast Man can only win with a Mafia team victory.

Each night, you can choose one player. If the selected player is killed by the Mafia attack the next day, your identity is revealed to the Mafia team, and you can participate in the night chat—you become ‘tamed’.

Once tamed, your characteristic [Craving] ability is activated, and in the event that every Mafioso has been lynched/killed, you can now eliminate one player each night in their stead. The Beast Man’s killing ability ignores all other roles’ special abilities that normally affect/interfere with the Mafia attack, such as the Doctor’s [Heal], the Martyr’s [Self-destruct], the Lover’s [Sacrifice], or the Soldier’s [Bulletproof].

Due to your [Agile] trait, you cannot be killed by the Mafia attack, and if you are targeted by the Mafiosos at night, you will instead automatically establish contact.

Although you are sided with the Mafia Team, your vote does not count as a Mafia Team vote until you make contact with the Mafia.

  • If you are searched by a Cop, the results will show that you are not a member of the Mafia.

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Beast Man Abilities






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[Craving] Active Once per night

Each night, you get to choose one of the players. Next day, if the selected player gets murdered, you can establish a contact with the Mafia team. After the contact, you are able to kill one player every night with Mafioso.

[Agile] Passive Once You cannot be killed by the Mafia attack. If you are targeted by the Mafia, you will make contact instead.
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