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All Tier 1 cards are Civilians and Villains, Im not sure what happens when they reach tier 2, but I can only guess they change into a actual role card.

All Tier 2 Cards are your generic Roles with no benefits.

When a Card hit Tier 3+ it gains Special Abilities that are randomly generated, there are a Multitude of helpful bonuses both in-game and out of game that could be used!

When a Card hits Tier 3 it gains a special ability that is useful OUTSIDE of Matches

All Jobs can get:

Stimulation: Halfs the Cooldown between matches when Playing Ranked Games

Proficiency: Increases the amount of EXP gained in a Match.

Greed: Increases the amount of Rubles gained in a match

Eloquence: Reduces the chat Profanity Filter a bit (Purely Cosmetic)

Passion: Increases the amount of Rank Points gained slightly

Showmanship: When you are voted as MVP, if you have atleast One vote already you gain Luna as well.

Calmness: You lose fewer Rank points when losing.

Mafia and Beast can get:

Madness (Mafia): If you win after Executing 4 people, you gain Double the Rank Points

Madness (Beast): If you win after Eliminating 2 people, you gain Double the Rank Points

All the Civilians, The Thief, The Hostess, and The CL all can get:

Insurance: If you die first in a match and your team loses, you lose half the Rank Points.

For every tier from 4-6 you gain a special BONUS ability that will help you during matches, note, Im getting this information from a Google Translated source, so some of the names might be different ingame.

All Jobs can get:

Ji Bak-ryong: *Unknown, the Google Translated Source does a terrible job explaining it, although apparently its a counter to Exorcism, a Ability that appears later*

Getaway: You can avoid getting Lynched ONCE, and if you avoid getting Lynched you can no longer Vote (Rip of you get it on a Polition)

Juror: When a Voted player is giving their final speech, you can speak to

White Hands: If you vote for someone thats on the same team, and they didn't vote for you, you automatically vote Innocent (While this may seem useless, if you end up having to vote...that means they arent on the same team)

Loud Speaker: Allows you to send ONE Chat Message at Night that EVERYONE can see, One use.

Mind Reading: You can see who voted for you (Useful for finding a Hostess)

Testament: You can write a Will at night, if you die, the Will is revealed!

Perjury: On the first Day, you can dish out 2 votes instead of One.

Mafia and Mafia Helpers Only:

Command: At the Start of the game the Role of one random Player (That isnt a Cop or Doctor) is revealed to you.

Deadline: If you Survive 7 nights, you automatically win.

Relief: Under NO circumstances can ANYONE see your chat.

Mafia Only:

Probation: When you kill someone, see their Role.

Ambush: Ignore the abilities of the person you kill on the first night except for Healing and Beastmans Agility. (This means a Lover won't Sacrifice, and a Soldier will die)

Game: Ignore Abilities of the person you kill on the FOURTH night, INCLUDING Healing and Beastmans Agility

Exorcism: People can't be revived and can't speak.

Hypocrisy: If you are investigated on Night One, you appear as not a Mafia.

Concealment: If your target is healed by a Doctor, it appears as a Quiet Night.

All Mafia Helpers:

Emissary: You will automatically join the mafia on night 3


Autopsy: You can find the Roles of Dead People.

Assassin: If the Last Mafia dies and you are all alone, you kill the next person you check.

Beauty: When Investigated by a Cop, find out whos the Cop.

Beast Man:

Roar: If you target yourself with your ability, you can Roar and the Mafia, and only the Mafia, will know of your Pressense.

Brutality: If the person directly behind the person you target dies, you gain contact with the Mafia as well (Has no effect if you target 1, well, unless they kill 1, but even then its smarter to target 2)


Daze: Whoever you Seduce can not speak for the rest of the day (Useful for Martrs and Politicians)


Heir: If all Mafia are dead and you are still alive, every day someone randomly dies thats not you and can not be saved by any means.

All Citizens:

Keepsake: When you die by getting voted, reveal your Role.

Cop and Det:

Wiretap: You can hear what people say at night, but you can't see names.


Autopsy: You can investigate the Dead

Confidential: Start the game knowing whether or not ONE other Player is a Mafia (Essentially allows you to Investigate 2 people on night one, but one is at random)


Checkup: Know the Role of whoever you heal.


Program: Unsure, but it seems to be related to Ji Bak-ryong


Dedication: If both Lovers are alive, you cant get Threatened by Gang or Seduced by Hostess.

Resentment: When you vote for the Mafia that killed your lover, it counts as 2.


Indomitable: You can survive 2 shots from a Mafia instead of One.

Mentalist: Ignore all Harmful effects on yourself (Can't be Threatened and cant be Seduced)

Politician :

Dictator: Get 3 votes instead of 2


Trot: You can report on the First Night.


Extortion: You have 2 Votes, by forcing the person who you Threatened to vote for your Target.


Successor: You gain ONE Special ability from the person you steal the role of.


Explosive: Even if you don't get attacked by the target, you will still explode the target (USE THIS CAREFULLY)


Sacrifice: If you were to die, you still get your Resurrection across.

Guma: Another Ability related to Ji Bak-ryong, unsure what it does.


Assistant: You can change the Cage Target assuming you haven't transferred yet.

Cult Leader:

Sulfa: If you fail to preach the night before, you can preach tonight.

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