The Cult Team is the Third Faction of Mafia42 that only (and always) appears in the classic mode game with 9 or more players in total. At the start of a game, the Cult Team has only one member--the Cult Leader. On every odd-numbered night including the very first night, the Cult Leader can recruit one player (who is not a Mafioso or the Priest ) to become a Cult Team member. Once converted by the Cult Leader, the players are not considered part of their previous team anymore and their votes will also be counted as Cult Team votes. 

The main objective of the Cult Team is to eliminate all members of the Mafia Team and convert as many players as possible until they outnumber the Citizens. However, it becomes more difficult for the Cult Team to win if the Cult Leader is killed.

Victory Conditions (9~12 Players)

If the Cult Leader is Alive:

The Cult Team wins if every Mafia Team member (i.e. all Mafiosos + Mafia assistant that made a rendezvous with the Mafiosos) is dead and the total number of Cult Team votes > the total number of Citizen Team votes.

If the Cult Leader is Dead:

The Cult Team wins if every Mafia Team member, AS WELL AS every remaining Citizen, is dead while ensuring that the Citizen Team's victory condition is not fulfilled (i.e. if all the Mafia Team members are dead, the Cult Team must outnumber the Citizens at all times from that point on).

List of Cult Team Occupations

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