Objective:Convert as many players as possible until the Cult takes the majority over the Citizens, and lynch all the Mafia members


The Cult Leader is a unique role that does not belong to either the Citizen or the Mafia team. He only (and always) appears in a game that has 9 or more players.

The Cult Leader starts the game as the sole member of his own team--the Cult. On every odd-numbered night starting from the 1st night (i.e. 1st, 3rd, 5rd...), the Cult Leader can choose one player and convert them into his side using his [Recruit] ability. A converted player is no longer considered part of their previous team and their vote will also be counted as a Cult Team vote from this point on, meaning that they must work in secret to assist the Cult Leader in leading the game to the Cult Team victory.

The [Worship] ability allows The Cult Leader to send one-way messages to his team members at night; the converted players can see the messages, but cannot respond back. These messages are also seen by the dead players.

The Cult Leader cannot convert a Mafioso or the Priest. He can, however, convert the Mafia assistant such as the Spy or the Hostess.

  • If the player the Cult Leader chooses to convert is a Mafioso, the attempt will fail although his identity will not be revealed to the Mafioso.
  • If the player the Cult Leader chooses to convert is the Priest, the attempt will fail and the Priest will find out who the Cult Leader is.

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Cult Leader Abilities






Skill cult.png
[Recruit] Active Once per 2 nights (starting from 1st night) The Cult Leader can convert 1 player to the Cult team.
[Worship] Passive The Cult Leader finds out the occupation of the converted player when he recruits them, and can send one-way messages to them at night.
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