• Duel game
In the duel game, you get the cards which are 3 Mafia, 1 Cop, 1 Doc, 1 CL, 1 Mafia Assistant, 5 Special Citizen randomly. If you don’t assign the card, the role doesn’t appear in the game. 
Dual cards have additional abilities as the tier increases. Tier 1 cards have no abilities. Tier 2 cards have the unique abilities of each role. Tier 3 cards affect the amount of RP, EXP, rubles, and more. Tier 4 and above have additional abilities. And depending on the combination, you can use very powerful abilities. You can enhance the card up to Tier 6

  • Card Enhacement
You can gain EXP of the card by playing games with dual cards or by consuming other cards. If you consume cards from other roles, the more tier cards you spend, the more experience you earn. Cards currently in the deck cannot be enhanced or used as materials. 
When the experience of the card reaches the maximum, it can be enhanced to the upper tier. When enhancing to a higher tier, you need as many material cards as the current tier. The material card must have the same tier and class as the card you are enhancing. 
If you succeed in enhancing, the upper-tier slot is unlocked to acquire new skills.

  • Card exchange
You can exchange dual cards between guild members within the same guild.
First, register the cards you want to exchange and the options you want to acquire. If a user with a card that meets the conditions applies for an exchange, they can exchange their cards. 
Cards that can be exchanged are limited to three tiers or less. Only cards of the same tier can be exchanged. In this case, role, skill, card EXP, etc. are irrelevant. 
After one exchange, you can do it again after 24 hours. Also, you can exchange cards 24 hours after joining the guild for the first time. 
If no one has applied for an exchange, the exchange is automatically canceled. The person who registers the card can bring back the card they have registered. Also, cards currently in the deck cannot be exchanged.
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