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The Gangster is a special member of the Citizen team, with the role of preventing a player from voting the next day.

You can use [Threat] to prevent a player from voting the next day. If you choose a player to threaten at night, the player can’t vote the next day.

1. If gangster threaten hostess or thief on the night, they can't use their skills and voting ability during the daytime of the next day. In case of thief, he may steal gangster’s ‘threaten’ ability and use it against civil team.

2. If gangster threaten a member of mafia team, the game might not end even if the number of mafia team is same with the number of civil team.

3. The player who was threatened can’t vote which player to kill nor vote to agree or disagree. So, the vote of the player gets automatically counted as negative.

4. If gangster threaten the last member of mafia team, civil team win the game because they don’t have voting rights.

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Gangster Abilities






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[Threat] Active Once per night Choose one player every night to prevent that player from voting the next day.
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