Objective: Seduce the citizens and assist the mafiosos.


The Hostess is an assistant member of the Mafia team, with the role of seducing other player to block them. The hostess can only win with a Mafia team victory.

Each day, you can use [Seduce] by voting for a player during the voting time. The player you voted for becomes seduced and is blocked from using their skills for one turn.

If you seduce a Mafioso, [Entertain] is automatically activated. Your identity is revealed to the Mafia team, and you can participate in the night chat.

Although you are sided with the Mafia team, your vote does not count as a Mafia team vote until [Entertain] becomes activated.

  • If you are searched by a Cop, the results will show that you are not a member of the Mafia.

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Hostess Abilities






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[Seduce] Active Once per night You can seduce one player during the day, and block them from using their skills for one turn(day and night).
[Entertain] Passive Once If you seduce a mafioso, your identity is revealed to them. You become a recruited member of the Mafia team, and can participate in the night chat.
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