Objective: Kill off the citizens until the vote count of the Mafia team is equal to or outnumbers the Citizen team.


A mafioso is a principal member of the Mafia team, with the objective to eliminate enough number of citizens so that the Mafia team gets the majority vote.

You can use [Murder] to kill one player each night, and chat privately with other mafiosos at night to determine which player to kill. Your conversation cannot normally be seen by the citizens, but it can be seen by dead players.

Other Mafia team members such as the Spy and Hostess can see and participate in the night chat if they become recruited.

  • You can kill yourself or other mafiosos if you wish.
  • [Murder] is not affected by the Hostess's [Seduce] skill.
  • You and the other mafiosos share the 'gun point'; i.e. the other mafiosos can change the target you chose to kill during nighttime.
  • You cannot be converted by the Cult Leader. You will remain unaffected by the Cult Leader's [Recruit] skill, although their identity will not be revealed to you.

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Mafia Abilities






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[Murder] Active Once per night The Mafia can choose and kill one player each night.
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