Objective: Assist the other citizens into lynching all members of the Mafia.


The Martyr is a special member of the Citizen team, who can die with another player.

With the skill [Immolation] , you can choose someone to die with you if you are lynched. If you receive a majority of the vote and go to the Last Rebuttal, you can select a player. If you are then lynched by majority vote, that player is lynched with you.

Each night, you can select one player. If that player is a mafioso and you are attacked by them, you die together. In short, [Self-destruct] becomes activated if the terrorist and the mafioso choose each other reciprocally.

  • You cannot use [Immolation]  or [Self-destruct] if you are seduced by the hostess during the day.

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Martyr Abilities






Sticker terrorist.png
[Immolation] Active Once  If you are lynched, you can select another player to die with you.
Sticker terrorist.png
[Self-destruct] Active Once per night You can select a player each night. If that player is a mafioso and they attack you, you die together.
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