Objective: Assist the other citizens into lynching all members of the Mafia.


The Politician is a special member of the Citizen team, with the objective to assist the citizens and lynch all the members of the Mafia team.

With the [Evasion] skill, you cannot be lynched by player vote. When the skill is activated, a pop up announces that you are a politician.

  • If you are seduced by the Hostess, [Evasion] is deactivated, in which case you can be lynched.

You always exercise two votes with the [Polemicist] skill. Besides the player voting at the end of each day to select and lynch a player, this feature also applies to victory conditions; for example, if there are 2 Citizens and 2 Mafia team members left and one of the Citizens is the Politician, the game does not immediately end in Mafia Team victory because the total vote of the Citizen Team is counted as 3 (2 for the Politician + 1 for the other Citizen).

Room thumb politician.png

Politician Abilities






[Evasion] Passive You cannot be lynched by player vote.
Sticker vote politician.png
[Polemicist] Active Every vote You exercise two votes in player votes.
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