Objective: Revive a key member of the Citizen Team and help them lynch all Mafia Team players.


The Priest is a special member of the Citizen team, with a powerful ability to bring a dead player back to life. 

At night, the Priest can use [Revive] on one dead player and resurrect them. This ability can be used only once per game.  There are some exceptional cases where the Priest's [Revive] fails:

  • The Priest is attacked and killed by a Mafioso on the same night she used her [Revive] ability.
  • The Priest attempts to resurrect a dead player on whom the Psychic used her [Awaken] ability. If this happens, [Revive] ability is lost and the Priest cannot use it on another player again.​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​ Due to the Priest's [Faith] characteristic, the Priest is immune to the Cult Leader's [Recruit] ability. If the Cult Leader chooses the Priest to convert, the attempt will fail and the Priest will immediately be informed of the Cult Leader's identity.

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Priest Abilities






Jobsticker priest.png
[Revive] Active Once You can select and resurrect one dead player.
[Faith] Passive - You cannot be converted by the Cult Leader.
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