Objective: Act as a medium and assist the other citizens into lynching all members of the Mafia.


The Psychic is a special member of the Citizen team, who acts as a medium between the dead and living.

With the characteristic [Possessed], you can see the chats of the dead players. During the day, dead players' chats show up in separate pop ups for one to two seconds. At night, you can send private chats to dead players.

At night, you can use [Awaken] to find out the occupation of a dead player. If you select a player, their occupation is revealed to you, and that player is then blocked from chatting.

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Psychic Abilities






[Possessed] Active ∞  During the day, you can see the chat of the dead and at night, you can send them chats.
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[Awaken] Active Once per night You can select a player and find out their occupation each night. That player is then blocked from chatting.
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