Jobcard soldier

Objective: Assist the other citizens into lynching all members of the Mafia.


The Soldier is a special member of the Citizen team, with the objective to assist the citizens and lynch all the members of the Mafia team.

You can survive one attack of the Mafia with [Bulletproof]. If you are attacked by the Mafia, the next day results will reveal that you are a soldier and have withstood the Mafia attack.

  • Once [Bulletproof] is used, you become vulnerable to Mafia attacks.
  • If you are seduced by the Hostess during the day and attacked by the Mafia the same night, [Bulletproof] is not activated, in which case you are killed.

If you are investigated by the Spy, [Night Watch] becomes activated and their identity is exposed to you. Likewise, if the Thief uses [Kleptomania] skill on you, the attempt fails and their identity is revealed to you.

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Soldier Abilities






[Bulletproof] Passive Once You can withstand the attack of the Mafia. (One time only)
[Night Watch] Passive Once

You are immune to the skills of the spy and thief. If they use their skills on you, you are informed of their identities.

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