Frequently Asked Questions

  • The app keeps crashing during a game.
Most crashes occur because of the network environment. If your LTE or Wi-Fi connection is slow, you may experience lagging or crashes. Please check your network connection and use LTE when outdoors for optimal gameplay.
  • My phone is incompatible with Mafia42.
Mafia42 may not run on old versions of Android software. Please update to the latest version of Android.
  • I found a bug in the game.
Please report technical issues to, and we will take care of it in a timely manner.
  • The regular channels have disappeared and I only see iPhone channels.
Our servers may be under maintenance or awaiting App Store approval. For more information, please refer to our homepage.
  • I can’t connect to the game channel.
Please check your network connection again. If you still can’t connect to the channel, the server may be under maintenance for an update or you may have been suspended. Please contact if you still have issues.
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