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Description (For Duel game)

The Vigilante is a principal member of the Citizen team, with the objective of finding the mafiosos and eliminating all members of the Mafia team. Each night, you can use [Purge] which executes the player if the selected player is a mafioso. (But, you can’t execute Mafia assistant and Cult Leader.)

The Vigilante replaces the cop. In the game where a vigilante is assigned, a cop is not assigned, and vice versa. You can only use [Purge] once and cannot use it again if you fail to purge.

- The [purge] and the Mafia's [murder] ability cannot be distinguished. - If a doctor heals a mafia who has been targeted for [Purge], the Mafia will not die.

- So, two people can die a day with the execution of the Mafia.

- Even if the Mafia who used 'Murder' ability is purged, the Mafia's [murder] ability is activated.

- At the first night, if the [murder] of the Mafia is not triggered and only the [Purge] of the Vigilante is triggered, the ghoul gets a role in the Mafia.

- The Mafia that became a frog after being hexed is a 'frog' and is not purged.

- If the Mafia is targeted for [Purge], they die even if the Mafia has [Hypocrisy].

-If you target a spy with [Honey Trap], the spy knows that.

- If a thief steals the Vigilante’s abilities and targets the Mafia, the thief can establish a contact with the mafia team. But the Mafia also dies.

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 Vigilante Abilities






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[Purge] Active


You can select one of the players during the night time and if the selected player is a mafioso, you execute the player.

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