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Description (For Duel game)

The Witch is an assistant member of the Mafia Team with the ability to turn one player into a frog.  You can use [hex] to turn one player into a frog each night by typing the exact nickname of the player. The player is turned into a frog when it remains 10 seconds at night. After that, the player can’t use any skill. If the witch cursed the player when it remains less than 10 seconds, they turn into a frog instantly.

But, even if the player becomes a frog, it does not change the player's team. The hex on the player disappears when we have a voting procedure.

If the player is murdered when they were a frog, the hex toward the player disappears.

-       If they become a frog, some players such as detective can’t change the target anymore when they use their skill, and the skills don’t work.

-       If some players (cop, gangster..) use their abilities before they become a frog, they can use those skills.

-       If you hex a mafia, you can establish a contact with the mafia team. But, the hexed mafia can’t use the skill of murder and communicate with fellow mafiosos.

- The hexed mafia and priest can be converted by Cult Leader.

-       The role of the player is regarded as a frog when the hexed player was investigated. ( when a cop searches the player, the result is “the player is not mafia.” When a reporter uses exclusive skill, the result is “the role is a frog.”)

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 Witch Abilities






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[Hex] Active Once per night

You can choose a player every night to turn him into a frog until the next day time.

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